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16600, Ukraine, Chernigiv region, city Nizhyn str. Nosiv Shliah, 19A
16600, Ukraine, Chernigiv region, city Nizhyn str. Nosiv Shliah, 19A
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Plant «Techno-T» - the manufacturer of the equipment and components for industrial production of wine, juice, alcohol, dried milk and other food products. There is a flexible system of discounts and delays of payments. Individual approach to each client, spare parts and components are manufactured and delivered to the entire list of equipment т. ч. советского and Western production
The equipment produced by the PCF «TEHNO-T»:
Equipment for primary and secondary winemaking:
Press auger for grapes T1-ВП2О/20 and T1-ВП2О/30, the Press bards Pb (4T);
Piston pumps ВНПБ 10/32 of stainless steel;
Piston pulppumps ВНПБ-32/32 of stainless steel;
- Centrifugal pumps ВНЦ (from gr. steel carts with capacity from 2 to 40 cubic meters/hour);
- Installation for dosing of ingredients in the stream brand WFI-10 (measuring device on the basis of a piston pump ВНПБ-10/32);
- Installation of cavitational processing of yeast mass and cooking автолизатов brand VA-0,6;
- Agitators vis-125 and vis-65;
- drain brand VSN-20;
- Crusher combs separate centrifugal for grapes brand ЦД2Г-20;
- destemmer -crusher roller brand IOP-20;
- Installation of office 32/125 for the preparation of the Royal solution SO2 and implementation in the process of operation of pumping pulp her сульфитации Royal solution of SO2 and for conducting оклеек wine gelatin solutions, tannin and bentonite suspension simultaneously
- Heat exchangers and cooling equipment for wine and distilleries.
- Sprayers И7ОРБ and VRA for spray dryers milk of different modifications.
- Rotary valves bevel removal dried product from a cyclone, thus not disturbing the tightness of the system of removal of the products of the drying installation
- Equipment for processing of meat- boned raw materials,
- An equipment is for processing of wastes of fish in a feedmeal
- Equipment of processing of grain mash and spent grains:
- Drying plants for bulk raw products , RDS-18, RDS-40, RDS-50, RDS-60, RTS-40, RTS-75, RTS-160, drying from 70 to 700 kg/hour up to 8% moisture content.
- Dryer-crusher for raw pulp, peat other products;- Cyclone dryer for raw bulk solids.
- Pneumatic transport for transportation and packing of dried product to 800 kg/hour
- Producer gas for solid fuels.
Manufacture production of details according to the drawings of Customer, any accuracy and complexity.
For fish processing and fish waste on fodder flour, produced by the "Techno-T", is used as a shore-based enterprises, so the courts. Equipment for fish-meal production showed itself as a very reliable, high-quality, technological and for a reasonable price. Buyers рыбомучного equipment are trawl fleet of Russia and the Baltic States, fish-processing enterprises of CIS countries, as well as private entrepreneurs, decided to start production of fish flour.
In stock "Techno-T" is always available fish meal plants installation of marks: RMU-5, И7-WBI, A1-ИЖР, RMU-60, as well as components and spare parts. When ordering more than two рыбомучных installations, production will not exceed 90 calendar days. For the price can always arrange with the Customer. Warranty fish meal plants installation - 12 months.
"Techno-T" installation supervision, commissioning and take the exit on the operating practices of the manufactured equipment.
Quality of the manufactured production meets ISO 9001-2001, that is confirmed by the certificate of quality management system. certificate of quality...

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